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How to get here

It’s highly suggested that you bring your own vehicle. It’s more convenient since we are about 1.5 kilometer from the main road and there’s no taxi service that will be readily available.

However, if that’s not feasible, here are your options:

  1. Car rental from the airport or Bangkok.

  2. A private 10-seater-van with a driver for your entire trip. The private van charges 2,300-2,500 THB/day excluding gas, tow and parking. You may ask to be picked up or dropped off at the airport or any hotel. The driver will stay with you the whole time and take you anywhere around. He usually sleeps in his own van; you’re not responsible for his meal or lodging. The driver charges you each day the van is with you; and you pay for the gasoline as you go. Van usage is 10 hours/day. Additional hour charge is 250THB/hour.

  3. A taxi: Taxi price, including gas (NGV or LPG), from/to Bangkok/Watermill is approximately 2,300-2,500THB depending on your location. This is a station wagon type taxi that can seat up to 5 people. You may hire a taxi for just a pick-up or drop-off, or you can hire him for your entire trip to for sightseeing as well. The exact price depends on your itinerary.

  4. Public van or Bus : From Mor Chit. Please ask around at the Mor Chit Bus Terminal.
    There are public van or Bus leaving hourly coming to Pak Chong. Make sure to ask for PAK CHONG as a final destination. The cost is between 160-190 Baht per person one way. Once in Pak Chong, you may hire a two-row-seater truck (Song-Thaew) to get here. The cost is 200-300THB/trip.

  5. By train: You can get a train to “Pak Chong” station. And from the station you can hire a “Song-Thaew” to Watermill. The charge for “Song-Thaew” from Pak Chong to Watermill is 200-300THB.

  • Once you get here(by option 1, 4 or 5), you have to choose your transportation option again since we’re about 1.5 kilometer off the main road. +

  • You’d normally need a ride to go from place to place unless you don’t mind some walking exercises.

  • We only serve breakfast and do not have restaurant on site. Many good restaurants are within 5-10 minutes of driving. Your options are as follow:

    1. Private van rental (as needed)

      • 3,000 Baht/day including gas to go anywhere locally except Khao Yai National Park.​

      • 3,500 Baht/day including gas to go to Khao Yai National Park (exclude park entrance fees)

    2. Car rental: Please visit our local rental car company at or

    3. Motorbike rental: The cost is 350-500 Baht per day.

    4. Hiring a two-row-seater truck (Song-Thaew) privately. The price varies depending on your itinerary. Please note that there’s no (regular) taxi service. Only these Song-Thaew truck by appointment only. They speak very limited English. But I’ll be glad to do the translator as needed.

    5. To/From PakChong train, van or bus station: Song Thaew charge is 200THB/trip.

    6. To/From nearest restaurant (E.A.T @ Khaoyai) or 7-Eleven: Shuttle service 20THB/person/roundtrip

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